Your Virtual Associate Rates

My basic hourly rate is $60/hour.

You can get this down to $50/hour by paying ahead 40 hours. When 40 hours are complete, I will invoice again for another 40 hours. The frequency depends on the length of your project and what we’ve discussed and agreed on.    

Choosing a rate isn’t easy! I didn’t start out here, but I’ve put in a lot of time and I’ve honed my skills. I regularly take courses to level up and you get to reap the rewards of my true love of business! 

It isn’t random either. 🙂 I chose 40 hours because that comes out to roughly 10 hours per week. In my experience, this is the average amount of time that a small business owner needs. This is 10 less hours that you are working on something that you don’t like or don’t completely understand. It’s 10 hours that you free up to put back into your business. It just seems to be the amount of time needed to make a significant impact on a small business. 

But not all businesses are alike! So we still need to chat!